Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM)

Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine (UCMM) is an interdisciplinary research centre using basic research approaches to study areas of biological and medical relevance. Localized in a tight environment of diverse biomedical laboratories, UCMM forms a creative and interactive unit for cutting edge biomedical research.

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UCMM is an interdisciplinary research centre with a strong focus on understanding molecular mechanisms of disease. The centre integrates molecular, cellular, and developmental biology with transgenic approaches and functional genomics.

The Centre is located at Umeå University close to both basic biomedical and clinical research departments and offers a stimulating and interdisciplinary research environment.

At present eight independent research groups are active at UCMM.

Contact persons for matters concerning UCMM:
Simon Tuck, Head of UCMM, Professor
+46 (0)90 785 44 24
Lina Sollén, administrator,
+46 (0)90 785 44 37

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2016-01-27 Essential research at Kunskapsnoden 2016 How is an including society created? What can be done about increasing obesity? Will there be sufficient food in the future? How can peace be reached worldwide? These are topics covered at Kunskapsnoden 2016, organised by Umeå University at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, where researchers Lotta Vikström,...

2015-12-09 Umeå University represented in the Board of the Swedish Research Council On Tuesday 8 December, the Members of the Board of the Swedish Research Council for 2016–2018 were elected. Some of the members are Maria Fällman, Britta Lundgren, Heidi Hansson and Helena Edlund at Umeå University.

2015-12-09 Axons Help New Neurons Travel During Development Approximately three weeks after fertilization, an embryo’s first nerve cells start to form—creating the foundation for the entire human nervous system. Neural development is complex and intricate, requiring the migration of important cells to specific locations. And when the nerve cells don’t end up...

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